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Fragmented Me

Shawn Franks is a thirty-something who has continually sought to find meaning in his life. As a successful restaurant manager and involved church member living with his girlfriend Annie, he’s come to believe he’s achieved the perfect life. It’s not long before his life unravels and the façade of perfection is ripped from his grasp.

Fragmented Me

Fragmented Me is a captivating story of a man's inner journey to self discovery. I instantly became immersed and couldn't put this book down. Reading Shawn's (the main character) inner dialog through his experiences was both heartbreaking and yet beautiful. The ending was perfect in its own way.

I look forward to see what other stories Brandon Fries has to offer. I proudly store this book in my home library and appreciate the beauty of the art and design on the front cover. It beautifully pairs with the storyline. I definitely recommend Fragmented Me to any reader looking for a compelling story to delve into.

- Adam

It is a rare thing when a writer can pair a non-linear plot with an avant-garde structure and still make the reading an enjoyable pleasure for the reader, but that is exactly what Brandon Fries has accomplished with his latest work: Fragmented Me.

I've said it before and I'll say it again his "... writing has a succinct emotional core to it that is both hilarious and heartbreaking, and I hate him for how good he is at his craft." When I wrote that review I was originally writing about his short stories, but his debut novel carries with it the same economical word choices and swift storytelling that characterizes all of his writing. I highly recommended picking this debut novel from a terrific writer.



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