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Brandon was born and still lives in the Central Valley of California. He is the author of Fragmented Me as well as several short stories and poems. When Brandon isn't writing, he is providing leadership to a wonderful team at a local non-profit organization. His proudest accomplishment is holding the title of husband and father. 

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My Story

Where does a writer begin when talking about how it started? In my formative years, I hated English. The rules of grammar, the spelling of words, all of it was so exhausting. But it changed with my high school teacher Mr. Jarnigan. He opened the world of literature to me. Suddenly, stories came alive. I was introduced to the art of creating a character arc, the beauty of finding the meaning behind a poem, and the joy of developing something that connected to others. 

But years went by and I had to grow up. I got married, a career, but something was missing. It was through a challenging divorce, when my emotions were raw, that I opened myself up to the ink and paper, sharing the deep pain I felt. And I was hooked. Anxiety and depression are nothing new to me, but writing stories became an avenue to express them. 

My stories are filled with emotion. My hope is that these emotions are able to connect with you, my readers, and let you know that you are not alone.  

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